Statement by Sen. Joe Markley on Unionization of Daycare Providers

December 20, 2011

Senator Joe Markley (R-Southington):

“Through this power grab, state employee unions have reached right into the homes of Connecticut residents. The process has been suspect from the start, beginning with Governor Malloy’s executive order, which ignored the will and the authority of the legislature. Now the vote of a small number of day care providers, who run a business out of the home and care for the children of a family that receives Care 4 Kids, will force the rest to pay dues to a union, and accept the deal negotiated on their behalf. If there is a movement for unionization, I believe it should come from the people in the industry, not be imposed by the governor in league with SEIU.

This is part of a nationwide effort to create more dues-paying members of SEIU. At last count, this forced unionization has been attempted in fifteen states. Some have resisted it successfully; we will continue to fight it here in Connecticut.”