Kissel’s Tour Stops at Dunkin’ Donuts in East Granby [Granbys Patch]

December 13, 2011

Excerpted from an article on The Granbys Patch web site

Kissel said that many of his constituents are satisfied knowing that he is out in the community, making himself available to answer questions or address any concerns that they may have. “People are just happy that we’re out here doing this kind of thing, whether or not they have the time to stop by,” Kissel said while standing outside during the chilly evening. “The whole thing is to be as accessible as possible to the public,” Kissel said. “We can’t promise to solve all of the issues, but we promise to make the inquiry.” Kissel said that he plans on continuing the “Senator on the Sidewalk” series as early as next month, though he did not have a location selected as of yet.