Storm Debris Removal Information for Southington Residents

November 21, 2011

Storm-related debris should be segregated. Logs, limbs and leaves (vegetative debris) only will be collected. Wooden fence debris will not be collected by debris collection operations but may be taken to Bulky Waste. Vegetative debris should be placed in the Right-of-Way but not on sidewalks or road travel lanes. Debris should not be stacked on or adjacent to fire hydrants, mail boxes, telephone pedestals, fences, etc. We expect the pick-up to begin on Monday, November 21st, and last approximately 3 weeks. Please place all vegetative debris in the ROW immediately because we plan to make only 2 passes in each zone. Each pass will take less than a week.

We will begin picking up in “leaf zone 4” which is the SW quadrant of the Town and work counterclockwise (SE, NE and finally NW).

While leaf pick-up is still going on, that process is separate from debris removal, with the debris removal team trailing the leaf team.

Personal safety is critical during debris removal operations. Pedestrians should allow a 50-foot radius away from any mechanical debris loading operations. Motorists should be respectful of debris employees and patient with debris removal operations.

All questions regarding debris removal operations should be directed to Town Engineering (860) 276-6231