Storm Credits for Consumers

November 16, 2011

Hartford, CT – Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) wants residents to know as consumers they have a right to try and get credit for services they lost during the storm.

In the wake of the October Nor’easter there are many questions consumers need answers to:

  • What does your insurance policy cover?
  • What if a tree falls on my house, on my neighbor’s house?
  • Can I be reimbursed for food I had to throw out because I lost power?
  • Can I be reimbursed for hotel costs because I couldn’t stay in my home?

Please contact the State Insurance Department for guidance.

By phone: 800-203-3447 or 860-297-3900


Can I get credit from my cable company? Phone company? Internet provider?

Cablevision at the following locations:

Fairfield, 203-336-2225
Easton 203-452-0097
Norwalk, Weston, Westport, Wilton 203-847-6666
Redding, Georgetown 203-438-7783
New Canaan 203-348-9211

  1. Just let the company know how long you were without service.
  2. When you reach an operator, ask to speak to the RETENTION representative, explain the circumstances of your lost service and demand the reduction.
  3. If you run into further problems, please call my office at 1-800-842-1421.
  4. If you call me after hours, leave your name and phone number on the voice mail and the company you are trying to get a credit from and I will follow up on your behalf.