It’s Déjà-vu All Over Again

November 3, 2011

Hartford, CT – Senator Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) is expressing frustration with Connecticut Light and Power’s lack of communication during the October Nor’easter.

Senator Boucher has written a letter to Governor Malloy calling on the administration to take the lead in making sure the legislature pushes for change in the upcoming session.

“The administration must take the lead in protecting the people of Connecticut. The state must hold the utility companies accountable,” said Senator Boucher.

In her letter to Governor Malloy, Senator Boucher expresses concern that CL&P has not learned its lesson and did not make necessary fixes suggested after the last storm.

“There needs to be a better process for determining where and when line crews must be called in to restore power. As with Irene, it is clear CL&P was not prepared for the storm. It is worth reiterating some of the most important recommendations that were made following Tropical Storm Irene that the utilities should follow.

Better notice and coordination is needed between utility management and line crews from CT and out of state.

  1. Implement plans for more rigorous tree management. State laws may need to be changed to permit trees cutting in right of ways.
  2. State regulation of utility emergency management plans and procedures.
  3. Storm preparations need to delegate more authority to public utility representatives in each town to direct, control and command the work crews on the ground to address priority areas in real time.
  4. Timely and accurate communication between public utilities and town officials to better manage residents’ expectations and make necessary closure decisions, particularity for our public schools.

“After Tropical Storm Irene CL&P had an opportunity to do right by their customers, clearly they didn’t prepare and it’s like déjà-vu all over again,” added Senator Boucher.