Homeowners: Don’t Fall Victim to this Scam

November 25, 2011

I wanted to alert you to a scam which took place in our community recently:

Two elderly women who share a house were approached by men who said they were contractors working on a roof in the neighborhood. The scammers told the women they wanted to talk about their roof.

While one of the men lured the two elderly women out of their house them outside to discuss the roof, the other man managed to enter their home and stole a large sum of money..

The victims discovered they had been robbed shortly after the men left.

A police spokesman said it appeared the men scoped out the house and knew that the two women lived there.

The lesson here is that it should always be thought of as suspicious when people knock on doors soliciting work.

If anyone else is approached in a similar way, don’t become a scam victim. Report the incident to police.