What are they hiding?

October 21, 2011

Hartford, CT – Senator Len Fasano is calling on DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith to explain why the letter of intent between the state and Jackson Lab isn’t being turned over to his office.

“We requested a copy of the letter of intent earlier this week from Commissioner Smith. I have since received a voice mail from one of her staffers refusing to turn over the documents on the basis of a very weak legal argument,” said Senator Fasano.

“The public has a right to know. It is very disturbing to me that a sitting state senator or any member of the public can’t even see a copy of the letter of intent. What are they hiding?” asked Senator Fasano.

“Given that the “public” is being asked to provide Jackson Labs with almost $300 million in taxpayer money, the public’s interest in understanding the details of the agreement with Jackson Labs is both legitimate and significant,” added Senator Fasano.

Senator Fasano is asking Commissioner Smith to explain her reasoning with respect to the statute and to take action before next weeks crucial vote.

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October 21 Letter to Commissioner Smith