State Senator Kevin Kelly Helps Cut the Ribbon for Sikorsky’s New Co-Generation Project

October 14, 2011
State Senator Kevin Kelly speaks with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation President Jeffrey P. Pino (right) at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

State Senator Kevin Kelly speaks with Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation President Jeffrey P. Pino (right) at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Stratford – State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-21) joined employees of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and members of the community today to celebrate the completion and start-up of a new co-generation facility at the company’s headquarters.

“After my recent tour of the Sikorsky plant in March, I’m happy to be back for this new and exciting occasion,” said Senator Kelly. “This new co-generation project will benefit both the company and our community by making Sikorsky more energy independent and lessening its environmental footprint.”

At today’s event, Senator Kelly had the opportunity to discuss the importance of this project and how it will allow Sikorsky to streamline its reliance on outside energy supplies. Co-generation is an efficient process of energy production in which one source of fuel is used to produce two forms of usable energy, such as electricity and heat. Traditionally, companies purchase electricity from the power grid and separately produce heat or steam by burning oil or natural gas. This process is convenient, but it is also inefficient because much of the energy is lost through production and transportation.

Jeffrey P. Pino, President of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation said, “Today marks another big step in our commitment to be an environmental leader. Going back to 2000 when Sikorsky became the first company in the aerospace industry to introduce environmentally friendly aircraft paint with zero-to-low Volatile Organic Compounds, and continuing up to today with the start-up of our cogeneration plant, we have been committed to both business and environmental sustainability – which go hand in hand. In addition to powering nearly 85 percent of our 2-million-square-foot facility in Stratford, the new plant will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 8,900 metric tons annually – the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions produced by 1,600 passenger vehicles a year.”

Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, owned by United Technologies Corporation (UTC), is a world leader in aircraft design, manufacture and service. Based in Stratford, Sikorsky employs over 9,000 individuals in Connecticut and thousands more globally. Sikorsky Aircraft manufactures United States’ military helicopters, including the Black Hawk, and commercial helicopters used by businesses all over the world. The company is also a leader in aircraft support services and in developing and implementing new rotorcraft technologies.

Senator Kelly continued, “Sikorsky is a mainstay of our local economy. From last year’s roof-mounted solar panel installation to today’s new co-generation plant, Sikorsky is dedicated to adapting to the growing challenge of doing business in a more cost-effective and energy efficient way.”

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