Senator Kevin Kelly Votes in Support of Jobs Bill

October 27, 2011

Hartford – Yesterday, State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-21) spoke in favor of House Bill 6801, An Act Promoting Economic Growth And Job Creation In The State, a bill that will foster job creation in our state.

“I voted in support of this bill because we need jobs right now,” said Senator Kelly. “After traveling around my district on a jobs tour, I heard that people want jobs now and that they want government to get out of their way. This bipartisan bill was crafted with Republican ideas that will benefit middle class families, improve workforce development, increase investment in vocational technical school systems, and stream-line a bureaucratic red-taped permit process.”

Senator Kelly continued, “Our greatest resource is our highly-skilled and educated work force. By focusing on skill development through the Subsidized Training and Employment Program, we can sustain our manufacturing sector that creates many well-paying jobs. The Manufacturing Reinvestment Account will allow Connecticut companies to use their own money to expand and reinvest in their own facilities. In addition, we are lessening the time it takes to get a permit approved and increasing accessibility to working capital to make it easier to keep and create jobs. Nearly 80% of jobs in Connecticut are created by small businesses.”

Senator Kelly applauded the process by saying, “When the Governor reaches across the aisle to negotiate with Republican legislators, we can accomplish a bipartisan bill that will benefit everyone. It is a good example of both parties working together on behalf of our state. While there are some provisions that I do not support, I cast this vote for jobs and to put Connecticut back to work so that our families can continue to live, work and raise their children here.”

Senator Kelly also remarked on his opposition to Senate Bill 1401, An Act Establishing The Connecticut Bioscience Collaboration Program. “On the other hand, the Malloy administration acted by itself in negotiating the Jackson Labs deal. The deal will cost the taxpayers nearly $300 million in return for the promise of 300 jobs in 10 years. That is just too much money for too few jobs. People need jobs now, not in a decade.”

Both Senate Bill 1401 and House Bill 6801 were debated and passed by the State Senate last night, however Senate Bill 1401 passed on a party line vote.