Markley, Scott Issue Challenge on 20th Anniversary of Historic Tax Rally

October 5, 2011

Hartford, CT – “Clean House” was the cry from 65,000 people who converged on the state capitol twenty years ago today to fight Lowell Weicker’s state income tax. State Senator Joe Markley and former State Senator Tom Scott, organizers of that rally, reflected on the anniversary of the largest anti-tax rally in American history and the largest political gathering Connecticut has ever seen.

“Two decades later, everything we warned of has sadly come true,” said Markley. “We gave government a license to spend, with an income tax on top of a sales tax. They used it, burdening working families and the small businesses which are the backbone of our state. Connecticut has been dead last in job growth in the nation since adopting the state income tax.”

“The spigot was opened and hasn’t been closed since,” added Scott. “The passage of the income tax–in the dead of night—allowed massive state spending which has led to our current status as the highest taxed state in the nation.

“Proponents promised that the income tax would provide a reliable revenue stream, and that constitutional spending caps would prevent future deficits. Their predictions were refuted again this year, as Governor Dannel Malloy and the Democrat-controlled legislature passed the largest tax increase in state history.”

“The rally staged on the lawn of the Capitol on October 5, 1991, was an inspiring example of people coming together from every walk of life and every corner of the state to challenge the political establishment,” said Markley. “The day needs to be remembered and celebrated, because so many people got involved in a movement for the first time in their lives. We are seeing that kind of involvement again in Connecticut and throughout America, and I believe it’s the best thing that could happen for our country.

“Then and now, Connecticut is worth fighting for,” Scott said. “Citizens should be concerned about our situation, with massive debt and a sputtering economy. We must join together to change our political environment. We must demand that our leaders rein in out-of-control government spending, and we must work to elect legislators with courage and common sense.

“The climate going into 2012 is better than ever for electing men and women who will stand up for the principles which made our nation prosperous and great. We urge good people to come forward and run for office, and to support candidates who will do what’s right for our families and our economy.”

Click on the link to view historic clips from the anti tax rally: