‘Capitol Connection’ Get a Gold Star – SelectCT ID

September 8, 2011

Beginning on October 3rd, Connecticut state residents will be eligible for a program that will help support your personal security information. The program, called SelectCT ID, will be implemented by the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and is an identity verification program for customers renewing a license or Photo ID card.

For those renewing their license or ID, the DMV will ask customers whether or not they want to show original identity documentation to establish a record of their identity with the state agency as well as for federal identification purposes. And under current state law, all new applicants for a Connecticut drivers license or DMV–issued ID card are required to have this identity verification. Existing customers can however decline the verification and simply get a regular driver’s license or ID card.

Those wanting a license or ID card indicating their identity was verified by DMV will need to present certain original documents such as a birth certificate; a valid United States passport; or proof of name changes. This is a one-time process, and once these documents are verified by the DMV, folks will get a gold star printed on the upper right corner of their license to confirm participation in the SelectCT ID program.

Individuals who decline the verification will get a regular driver’s license or ID card and see the words ‘Not for Federal Identification’ stamped on it. If someone declines, a valid United States passport serves the same purpose as the verified license or ID card at federal screening checkpoints. However, residents should be aware that beginning in 2017 the federal government will be implementing new regulations on IDs. Any person without a gold star on their license or ID card that is boarding a plan, entering a federal building or conducting a commercial transaction will face additional screening by security.

The idea and the need for this program come largely from national security measures and federal identification standards resulting from the September 11th terrorist attacks. The implementation of the SelectCT ID will now allow the state DMV to meet all of these new security standards.

This program is also designed and works to offer residents increased protection against identity theft. By having a historical record of proven identity documented at the DMV, folks can better shield themselves from this growing crime.

To make the SelectCT ID program readily available and more customer friendly, this program will be offered at all DMV offices and at all Connecticut AAA offices. A list of both DMV and AAA locations can be found by visiting the DMV website at www.ct.gov/dmv. To help expedite the process, the DMV does advise people to decide early if they want an identity-verified license or DMV-issued ID card and also to prepare all necessary identity documents well ahead of time.

Please also note that you do not need to rush over to DMV or AAA to renew your license or ID card. The program will be in place over the next six years so that every resident has an opportunity to partake in the SelectCT ID program prior to the 2017 federal changes.

This is a great program that I encourage you and your families to consider participating in. For more information about getting a gold star and all SelectCT ID information, visit: www.ct.gov/selectCTid.