Senator McKinney’s Statement on Trooper Layoffs

August 24, 2011

State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield):

“Governor Malloy’s decision to layoff troopers after they rejected his wage freeze seems rooted in political retribution, rather than sound public policy. The Governor’s own Commissioner of Public Safety has said this decision will likely strain investigative functions and slow emergency response times. Moreover, by the Governor’s own admission, the state has already invested $4 million in training the trooper class he is laying off. That taxpayer money along with all the talent of these brave men and women has been wasted with the stroke of Governor Malloy’s pen.

“This gives us a sense of where the Governor’s priorities are. Clearly we need to cut state spending. But, clearly, there are other areas within Governor Malloy’s $40 billion two-year budget where cuts could have been made without compromising public safety, or wasting prior state investments.”