Follow Me Online and Help Save Tax Dollars

July 13, 2011

Earlier this year, I began sending a mailer to families and individuals throughout the 8th State Senate district with information about a positive way to save taxpayer dollars.

The mailer, which many of you may have received, says:

‘Connecticut is facing the worst economic crisis in our state’s history, so as legislators we are looking for constructive ways to cut government spending.

Each member of the General Assembly is granted weekly mailing privileges ranging from 500 pieces per week in the House, to 1,000 pieces per week in the Senate. The total postage cost to the state, and ultimately taxpayers, exceeds $1 million annually. In an effort to cut that expense, I will be forgoing my 1,000 piece per week mail allotment.

To stay informed and receive up-to-date information, I would like to ask you and your family to take a moment to visit my state senate website at There, you can sign up for my e-newsletter (which replaces my weekly mailings), follow me on facebook, and view press releases, legislative updates and other news from the capitol.

As your state senator, nothing is more important than keeping an open line of communication with you and keeping a closer eye on your tax dollars.’

In the coming weeks I will complete sending this last post card mailer to the district. It is my responsibility to inform folks about this change and provide up-to-date information on how to stay connected with my office in the absence of this weekly communication. Once this mailing is finished, I will then forego my 1,000 per week postage allotment in an effort to save taxpayer dollars for the vital programs and services we all rely on. There are still many folks who do not use or have access to the internet, email or other online resources. Therefore I will continue with mailing my annual legislative update – meaning that you will receive one mailer per calendar year. But I do encourage those of you who can, to sign up online in order to best keep up with weekly updates and capitol news. Your online involvement will help my office grow our technology and ultimately save money.

With the realization that the 2011 legislative session would involve difficult fiscal changes for the state, I started this – last – mailing on February 8th, and have now reached almost every household. It is my hope that other members of the legislature begin taking steps like this in an effort to create a more efficient government. If you have questions about this, or any matter affecting state government, please feel free to contact my state office: [email protected] or toll free at 800.842.1421.