State Senator Kevin Kelly Inducts Elected Officers to Stratford Chapter of AARP

June 17, 2011

Senator Kevin Kelly pictured with the newly elected officers of Stratford’s AARP Chapter #5284

HARTFORD – Wednesday, State Senator Kevin Kelly (R-21) congratulated and inducted the elected officers of AARP Chapter #5284 of Stratford, Connecticut.

Senator Kelly welcomed the newly elected officers and then swore them into office. The inducted officers of AARP Chapter # 5284 include: Dolores Zimmer, President; Walter Broadhurst, Vice President; Helen Benjamin, Secretary; Helen Scinto, Treasurer; and Marguerite Annaloro, Nominations Chair.

“I am so pleased to have been a part of today’s ceremony,” said Senator Kelly. “These citizens have all taken an oath to play an active role in bettering our community, and I congratulate them on their new positions.”

Before the induction, Senator Kelly spoke with all members of the chapter about the outcome and effects of the 2011 legislative session.

“One of the most notable accomplishments of the session was the status change of the General Assembly’s Aging Committee,” stated Senator Kelly. “With bipartisan support, we were able to obtain the status of a full-standing legislative committee, with oversight and cognizance over all matters related to aging, and we now have the ability to send legislation directly to the floor of either chamber.”

Senator Kelly also answered questions and spoke about issues directly impacting Connecticut’s senior citizens.

“Accounting for your concerns over the rising cost of energy, the legislature passed a measure widely known as Senate Bill 1. This bill outlines the state’s new energy policies, and most importantly was written with the goal of lowering electric bills for all residents. This bill provides the relief seniors and the middle class have long been seeking.”

Discussing the impact of broader financial and budget changes, Senator Kelly said, “Beginning July 1st, the new and increased taxes supported by Governor Malloy and Democrat leaders will take effect. As a result, we will all be feeling the burden of increased sales and income taxes, increases in homecare premiums, and reductions in personal needs allowances. The Governor and his majority party have targeted those folks living on a fixed income and have made it nearly impossible to stay solvent.”

Senator Kelly closed by saying that he will continue to push for good legislation that works to support Connecticut seniors, families and jobs.