Senator Markley Opposes Paid Sick Leave Bill

May 27, 2011

Hartford, CT – Rejecting the notion that politicians should dictate policy to business owners, Senator Joe Markley (R- Southington) voted against Senate Bill 913, which would mandate that employers provide paid sick leave. The measure passed by a single vote and now goes to the House of Representatives.

Senator Markley speaks against the bill on the Senate floor

“Who do we think we are? We can’t manage our own affairs but we are going to tell business how to conduct itself,” said Senator Markley.

“Businesses throughout this state and throughout my district opposed this bill. Why would we know better than the people struggling in the marketplace? Adopting a policy like this shows that government power and political arrogance have gone too far,” Senator Markley said.

“Since the recession began, Connecticut has lost 100,000 jobs,” Senator Markley said. “We have had the lowest job growth in the nation over the last twenty years. What makes the politicians of Connecticut think they know what makes economic sense? Our prosperity here was the result of innovative entrepreneurs—we should do all we can to encourage initiative, not saddle it with unprecedented burdens.”

Senator Markley offered an amendment to get rid of the annual business entity tax of $250 to give small businesses some relief. The amendment failed on a party-line vote.

If the bill passes the House and is signed by the governor, Connecticut will become the first state in the nation to mandate paid sick leave.