Sen. McLachlan: Pitney Bowes Jobs a Victory for Danbury; Cautions About Anti-Biz Policies in Hartford

May 13, 2011

Danbury State Senator Michael McLachlan issued the following statement regarding the announcement that Pitney Bowes plans to move 200 jobs to Danbury:

“Pitney Bowes’ investment in Danbury marks a big victory for our city. The $6 million global technology center will keep the company on the cutting edge of the industry. At the state and local levels, we are always striving to make our business climate more hospitable. This investment should send a clear message to all elected officials that we must continue to push policies that allow companies like Pitney Bowes to grow and compete. These 200 jobs will be welcomed with open arms by all who care about our city’s future, but it also should serve as a reminder that these quality jobs can just as easily disappear if our state continues to raise taxes on businesses and burden them with costly mandates.”

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