The Busway Boondoggle

April 5, 2011

Hartford CT – Senator Joe Markley (R-16) says the half a billion dollar busway project from New Britain to Hartford—recently endorsed by Governor Dannel Malloy–is a boondoggle.

“This is a bridge to nowhere that we can not afford,” said Senator Markley. “Any jobs it might create will only be temporary and we as a state will have to pay more than $110 million to get the project off the ground. We just don’t have the money.”

This week Governor Malloy announced that the $573 million rapid transit project would be “aggressively pursued.” Governor Malloy also claimed the decision will create “new jobs” and would “maximize the availability of federal funding now and going forward”.

“I am not concerned about leaving federal funds on the table. Federal or state, it’s all our money, and we shouldn’t waste it. Projects like this shouldn’t even be entertained until we get our fiscal house in order,” remarked Senator Markley.

“Transit buses run from suburbs into Hartford on a daily basis and they are a lonely ride,” stated Senator Markley. “I don’t believe there is an overwhelming need for more buses, when the ones we have aren’t being used.”

Governor Malloy has asked that the Busway funding be put on the April Bond Commission Agenda. A request for bids could go out this week and work is reportedly scheduled to start in 2013. The Busway would then be up and running by August 2014.

Senator Markley reacted by saying, “I find it ironic that we are in the midst of a $6.2 billion deficit and the Governor is asking the legislature to spend more money we don’t have.”