State Senator L. Scott Frantz Signs onto Republican No-Tax Alternative Budget

April 19, 2011

Hartford, CT – Today, State Senator L. Scott Frantz (R-Greenwich) joined Republican Legislative Leaders, Senate Republican Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield) and House Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero (R-Norwalk), in unveiling a no-tax increase balanced budget plan for Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013.

Alternative Budget Presentation“The Republican budget demonstrates how to fund state government without Governor Malloy’s $1.9 billion in tax increases, said Senator Frantz. “Instead of driving away our businesses and residents with the largest tax increase in the history of Connecticut, Republicans are offering a plan that streamlines state government, eliminates failing tax credits, creates competition for state grant programs, restructures our debt, and importantly creates a sustainable cost structure for state government. These are smart, effective changes to the state budget that will put Connecticut back on the trajectory of growth and greatness.”

Highlights of the Republican Alternative Budget include:

  • No new taxes on any business, individual, employer, service or good.
  • More than $1.5 billion in spending cuts from Gov. Malloy’s plan.
  • More than $46 million in savings through agency consolidations.
  • Streamlining government through reductions to the 54,000 member state workforce.
  • No borrowing for state operating expenses.
  • Restructuring of $200 million in the state’s highest cost debt, allowing greater flexibility in budgeting throughout state agencies.
  • Elimination of longevity payments for state employees.
  • Preservation of municipal aid at current levels for all towns and cities.

“This is an honest budget that meets all of state government’s obligations at a lower cost than what has so far been proposed,” said Senator McKinney. “Consistent with the aims of the Republican Common Sense Commitment to Connecticut, the Republican Alternative Budget significantly reduces government spending, paves the way for job growth and economic recovery, and will help make living and working in Connecticut affordable again.”

The Republican Alternative Budget includes numerous recommendations from non-partisan agencies and officials. Accounting for the findings of the Bipartisan Commission on Enhanced Agency Outcomes, the alternative budget proposes that Connecticut cut the number of state-funded mangers in half to better meet the standards of private sector businesses.

Senator Frantz went on to comment on the specifics of the budget by saying, “Today Republicans offered a true alternative to Governor Malloy’s budget. Where Governor Malloy’s budget continues to increase the size and scope of state government, Republicans took a scalpel to the budget and cut in a precise method to eliminate unnecessary expenses and programs. We eliminate more than 27 state agencies, vacant positions, and the taxpayer funded election system.

“We are in a state of crisis; bold action is necessary to provide for the future and state solvency, and the Republican budget completes that task.”