The 2011 Republican Alternative Budget

April 19, 2011
Republican Press Conference on No Tax Increase budget at Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

Republican Press Conference on No Tax Increase budget at Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

Plan focuses on core government functions, eliminates waste and creates efficiencies to significantly reduce the size and cost of government while protecting the social safety net and preserving state aid to municipalities

Alternative Budget Presentation

Hartford, CT – Republican Legislative Leaders today unveiled a no-tax increase balanced budget proposal for Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013. By focusing on core government functions, eliminating waste and creating efficiencies, the Republican Alternative Budget significantly reduces the size and cost of government while protecting the social safety net and preserving state aid to municipalities.

“The Republican Alternative Budget is a blueprint for ending Connecticut’s current fiscal crisis and helping to prevent a future crisis,” said Senate Republican Leader John McKinney (R-Fairfield). “Our proposal achieves its objective by refocusing government on its core functions, eliminating waste and redundancy, and beginning the process of restructuring state government for the long-term. The result is a no-tax increase budget and a solution to the economic challenges of our state that is both fiscally and socially responsible.”

“Political pundits, blogosphere dwellers and skeptics have maintained for months that it would be impossible to produce a balanced, honest budget that fills the massive state deficit without huge tax increases. Today, Republican lawmakers proved them wrong,” said House Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero (R-Norwalk). “Lawmakers now have a clear choice. And taxpayers have an opportunity to weigh in with their elected officials and tell them which road to travel down: one littered with ever increasing taxes to support higher spending, or an austere path toward a leaner government that provides goods and services that we can actually afford.”

Highlights of the Republican Alternative Budget include:

  • No new taxes on any business, individual, employer, service or good.
  • More than $1.5 billion in spending cuts from Gov. Malloy’s plan.
  • Preservation of municipal aid at current levels for all towns and cities.
  • Enhanced Medicaid fraud detection to save an estimated $224 million.
  • More than $46 million in savings through agency consolidations.
  • Streamlining government through attrition and reductions to the 54,000 member state workforce.
  • No borrowing for state operating expenses.
  • Full restoration of the $500 property tax credit cut by Gov. Malloy.
  • The pre-payment of $200 million in the state’s highest cost debt, allowing greater flexibility in budgeting throughout state agencies.
  • Restoration of the sales tax free week to help Connecticut consumers support household budgets.
  • Elimination of longevity payments for state employees.

Middle class families, employers and businesses will all benefit from the Republican budget which does not raise sales taxes, they said. “Anyone who has to get up and drive to work would pay more under the Democratic budget,’’ Representative Cafero said. “The Democratic sales tax hike will be felt most by middle income families and businesses who pay more than 50 percent of all sales taxes in Connecticut.’’

Of the proposed reductions in state-funded positions, 1,250 would be targeted toward management. The Bipartisan Commission on Enhanced Agency Outcomes recommended that Connecticut cut in half the number of managers to come in line with the private sector.

“We are proud of this document,” said Senator McKinney. “This is an honest budget that meets all of state government’s obligations at a lower cost than what has so far been proposed. Consistent with the aims of the Republican Common Sense Commitment to Connecticut, the Republican Alternative Budget significantly reduces government spending, paves the way for job growth and economic recovery, and will help make living and working in Connecticut affordable again.”

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