April 21, 2011

HARTFORD- State Senator Scott Frantz, R-36th District, State Representatives Livvy R. Floren, R-149th Lile R. Gibbons, R-150th District, voted against a crippling and controversial package that would affect Connecticut families by increasing the state’s already-high sales tax rate, taxing their employers, and hiking what they pay for necessities like gasoline to get to and from work.

“How can we ask any more of Connecticut’s small business owners and residents when it comes to filling the current budget gap?” asked Rep. Floren. “Higher taxes should be a measure taken only after we have made all possible reductions to the size and scope of state government.”

Senate Bill 1007, An Act Concerning The Governor’s Recommendations On Revenue hikes the income tax especially on those who make more than $150,000 and also raises the sales tax from 6% to 6.25% and cuts the property tax credit from $500 to $300 while also instituting new taxes on hospitals, electric generators and raises the gasoline tax by another 3 cents. The plan also raises the estate tax which would lower the exemption level from $3.5 million to $2 million.

“I am disappointed to see a tax package passed by the majority party that makes Connecticut less competitive for growing a business and retaining residence. In raising all these taxes, we are urging the very people we want to stay in Connecticut to relocate to more tax friendly states,” said Rep. Gibbons.

“We are all working to rebuild Connecticut’s economy, but taxing our way out of this fiscal hole in not the answer, said Sen. Frantz. “This bill speaks exactly to what residents believe is wrong with state government. It asks for more when unemployment has surpassed the national average and at a time when Connecticut is already one of the most expensive states in which to live and work.”

Sen. Frantz, and Reps. Floren and Gibbons all serve on the Legislature’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee and the multibillion dollar package passed out of the committee yesterday 33 to 19.