A Victory for Law-Abiding Gun Owners

April 19, 2011

We emerged victorious last week on an issue which is very important to many of you.

Bill 1094, which would make it illegal to own ammunition magazines capable of holding 10 rounds or more in Connecticut, was not taken up by the Judiciary Committee prior to its 5:00 PM April 15 deadline.

That’s very good news. It means that the bill is basically dead.

I wanted to update you on this because dozens and dozens of you called and emailed me about Bill 1094. You urged me to fight the bill and to spread the word to my fellow legislators. Your passion helped to prevent this bill from becoming law in our state.

You see, this bill would have made criminals out of many law-abiding gun owners.

  • It would have banned the future sale of magazines capable of holding 10 rounds or more.
  • It would have required anyone in possession of one or more to turn them over to local or state police within 90 days of the law’s taking effect.
  • And failure to do so could have resulted in being charged with a felony.

One taxpayer sent me the following note about Bill 1094:

  • “I am a responsible gun owner and have been for many years. If I do not obey the proposed law should it become law then this state will have succeeded in making me a felon for the first time in my life. On the other hand if I abide by the proposed law I would certainly be at a disadvantage in any confrontation (even though it may likely never occur) with an armed intruder. No thank you!”

Now that’s a clear message. And that message was heard. You stood up for your rights and made your elected officials listen to you.

I urge you all to do the same for any issue you are passionate about. Should taxes not be hiked? Should state spending be cut? Tell your elected officials what you think.

Call and email your legislators and the governor today. Help us to achieve more victories like the one we just saw in stopping Bill 1094.