State Senator L. Scott Frantz Praises Appointment Of Kieran Ryan 
Of Stamford To Connecticut Public Transportation Commission

March 23, 2011

Senator L. Scott Frantz (R-36) today praised the appointment of Kieran Ryan of Stamford to the Connecticut Public Transportation Commission. The appointment was made by Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R-28).

“Kieran Ryan, an attorney and commuter on our rail lines and highways throughout our state, knows what commuters need from our public transportation system, and he understands that making much-needed improvements is an important key to the state’s long-term economic viability. I’m confident that he will be a dedicated and hard working member of the Connecticut Public Transportation Commission, and I know that he will help meet the challenges they have before them. I want to thank Senator McKinney for appointing Mr. Ryan,” said Senator Frantz.

Senator McKinney said “I am pleased to appoint Kieran Ryan to the Connecticut Public Transportation Commission. Connecticut is in the process of recommitting itself to innovative mass transit solutions. Kieran has a passion for public policy, and as a Stamford resident and frequent commuter to New York and all parts of Connecticut, he understands the important role public transportation plays in mitigating highway congestion, encouraging smart economic growth and improving air quality.”

Kieran Ryan stated “As a member of the Connecticut Public Transportation Commission, it is my intention to work hard to listen to the needs and goals of the commuting public – with particular attention to Stamford and Fairfield County – on the full range of public transportation issues, from improvements to branch lines and rail station parking and access, to the development of pedestrian and bike paths, and also to issues of commuter safety, and systems operational efficiency.” Ryan continued, “Issues of public transportation and transportation infrastructure have rightly become an important component of the discussion regarding Connecticut’s economic competitiveness, and I am truly honored that the Connecticut State Legislature would place its trust and confidence in me to serve on such an important Commission. I plan to work very hard to realize that honor.”

The Connecticut Public Transportation Commission is charged with advising and assisting the Governor, the state Department of Transportation commissioner and the legislature’s Transportation Committee on public transportation issues, including the development, maintenance and quality of rail, bus and motor carrier facilities and services.

Kieran Ryan is an Attorney with Ryan Ryan Deluca LLP, and has extensive experience in finance, and has been a passionate advocate on behalf of Connecticut’s small business owners.