Senator Kane: Wednesday Workshop Aims to Help Those Facing Foreclosure

March 28, 2011

State Senator Rob Kane (R –Watertown) today urged area homeowners facing financial hardship to attend an upcoming workshop which aims to help them hold on to their homes.

In order to get homeowners in crisis back on track, Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury is hosting the two-hour workshop at its 161 North Main Street Waterbury office on Wednesday, March 30. The workshop begins at 5 PM.

“Many residents are struggling to make their mortgage payments,” Kane said. “The governor’s proposed budget may make matters worse by eliminating the $500 property tax credit and pushing property taxes higher. The foreclosure process can be very confusing, and this workshop will help residents to understand all of their options.”

Those who attend are automatically qualified for one-on-one foreclosure intervention counseling sessions.

As the only HUD-approved housing counselor in the area, the Neighborhood Housing Services of Waterbury, Inc. is a leader in the revitalization of Waterbury and surrounding communities.

Kane urged homeowners to call and register for the workshop today at (203) 753-1896. Visit for more information.