Sen. Kane: Bill Would Preserve Farmland at Southbury Training School

March 7, 2011
Sen. Kane testifies before the Environment Committee on March 7

Sen. Kane testifies before the Environment Committee on March 7

State Sen. Rob Kane today submitted testimony in favor of a bill which would preserve farmland at Southbury Training School. The Environment Committee bill would ensure the permanent protection of about 800 acres of farmland located on the Southbury Training School site.

Currently the land is used by dairy farmer Edward Platt and his family. The Platts’ use the land to grow corn and hay to graze their dairy cows.

The Southbury Land Trust has been attempting to find ways to preserve the farmlands from being developed. The Trust’s president, Tom Crider, has spoken out in full support of this measure citing the devastation to the town and farming community of Southbury if the land was lost to development. In addition to Mr. Crider, the Southbury Training School Board of Trustees has also endorsed the preservation of the farmlands.

“This could lead to the biggest land protection deal in Southbury since 2001 when voters went to the polls to approve 760 acres of land acquisition,” Senator Kane told the committee. “What is better about this bill is that the 800 acres of farmland would be preserved, and at no cost to the taxpayer. I hope you understand the significance of the property as it pertains to the overall landscape of the community and I urge your support for this bill.”

Senator Rob Kane represents the 32nd Senatorial District, which includes the communities of Bethlehem, Bridgewater, Middlebury, Oxford, Seymour, Southbury, Thomaston, Roxbury, Watertown and Woodbury.