‘From the Capitol’ How My Office Can Help You!

March 24, 2011

We are now half way through the General Assembly’s 2011 legislative session, and I wanted to remind you of some of the more useful legislative services offered by my office, as well as ways you can become further involved with the political process.

Turning Citizens Ideas into New Laws
Please know first and foremost that, in our office, your opinion always matters. In fact, many of the best ideas for new laws do not originate with legislators, but rather come from the people we represent. Please contact me if you have suggestions for legislation, need help testifying at a public hearing, or would like assistance looking up and tracking an existing bill.

Working with State Agencies

Our office works closely with state agencies on a variety of constituent requests. If you are having difficulty with a state agency, or dealing with a matter you believe to be under the purview of state government, but are not quite sure how to get it resolved, please contact us for help. We will act as a liaison on your behalf with other state offices, including the Department of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection, Veterans Affairs, and Consumer Protection, to name a few.

Staying Informed
To help keep you informed of local issues and state government affairs, I encourage you to sign-up for email alerts. By subscribing, all the latest news and information about our work in the legislature will be delivered right to you via email. You can sign up online by entering your email address in the box that says ‘Sign-Up for Capitol Updates’ located on my website.

Preparing Official State of Connecticut Citations
Presenting an Official State of Connecticut Citation is a great way to recognize an individual for an outstanding achievement or special event, such as an Eagle Scout accomplishment, scholastic achievement, or a significant birthday. Citations, which are signed by the Secretary of the State and the General Assembly’s majority leaders, can be requested directly through our offices.

Visiting Your Business or Community Group
If there is an event or meeting you would like me to attend, please contact my office with the date, time, location, and nature of the event. I look forward to accommodating as many requests as my legislative schedule permits.

Visiting the State Capitol
My office is always open. If you are visiting the State Capitol or Legislative Office Building, please stop in and say hello. A tour of the State Capitol can be arranged by contacting the League of Women Voters at (860) 240-0222.

Contacting My Senate Office
Senator Kevin Kelly – Legislative Office Building
Telephone: 800-842-1421, Email: [email protected].
Mail: Legislative Office Building, Room 3400, Hartford, CT 06106

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you in Hartford. As always, if you have questions about this, or any issue affecting state government, please do not hesitate to