State Senator Kevin Kelly Testifies Before Two Legislative Committees

February 28, 2011

Hartford – Today, State Senator Kevin Kelly testified before the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee and the Judiciary Committee in support of two proposed bills which will reorganize state processes to support residents.

Before the Transportation Committee, Senator Kelly spoke in support of Proposed Bill No. 817, An Act Authorizing the Issuance of Motor Vehicle Licenses By Private Contractors. This bill would amend the state’s general statutes to authorize the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to contract with private contractors for the issuance of State ID cards and other DMV transactions.

“By allowing the DMV to work with third parties, such as AAA, the state can provide residents with greater and more convenient access to services,” said Senator Kelly.

“In particular, this bill has the potential to help Connecticut’s senior population,” noted Senator Kelly. “Those who can no longer drive and rely on transportation services that don’t always mesh with DMV hours, would have an easier time obtaining state-issued ID cards or other documents processed by the DMV.”

At today’s Judiciary Committee public hearing Senator Kelly spoke in support of Proposed Senate Bill 1058, An Act Concerning the Applicability of Probate Court Orders to State Agencies, which would require each state agency to follow any order, of a court of probate that is applicable to the operations of the state agency, and clarify that a state agency shall have standing to appeal any such order, to the Superior Court with respect to its applicability to the state agency.

Senator Kelly stated, “This piece of legislation streamlines the administrative proceedings between the state probate courts and state agencies with regard to a person’s will or trust. Requiring the state agency to recognize valid probate court orders both expedites this process and saves money.”