State Senator Kevin Kelly Reacts to Governor Malloy’s Budget Address

February 16, 2011

State Senator Kevin Kelly: “Governor Malloy presented the state with a budget plan imposing one of the largest tax increases in our state’s history. Workers, families and businesses are struggling to make cuts to their own budgets to cope with the downturned economy, and our newly elected governor is asking for more: more spending, more taxes and more government. By increasing the state income tax, sales tax, and everything in between, the governor’s budget will harm families, cost the state jobs, and send a message that state government is not accountable.

Governor Malloy’s budget includes over $1.5 billion in new taxes squarely aimed at middle class families when they can least afford it. Governor Malloy’s budget calls for an increased sales tax, gas tax, and new taxes on clothing, haircuts and non prescription drugs like cough medicine and Tylenol, and would even take away the sales tax-free week. He also proposes increases in state spending over the next two fiscal years, raising expenses to $19.7 billion for 2012 and $20 billion for 2013.

Now that the Governor made an attempt at formulating a budget, it will be the legislature’s job to make serious changes to it to make sure it is balanced and fair. It is my hope that as we craft a responsible budget, we keep in mind that our state has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. We must implement real cuts to the budget and support sound public policy to restore our state’s fiscal health for future generations.”