Senator Joe Markley Back after 25 years!

January 7, 2011

Opening day of the 2011 Session

Hartford, CT – Senator Joe Markley (R-16) returns to the State Senate after 25 years. Senator Markley, sworn into office by Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, won the 16th senatorial district in the mid-term elections this past November. The district covers the communities of Southington, Wolcott and parts of Cheshire and Waterbury.

Senator Markley is not a freshman legislator. In 1984 Markley at the age of 27, was elected to the state senate and served one term. "I was the first town resident to sit in that chamber in over forty years," said Sen. Markley. In the legislature, I helped cut more than $100 million from the state budget, pressed for the consolidation of agencies, and cosponsored the largest tax cut in Connecticut’s history."

Now 53, this English professor and author is entering back into public service lead by his belief the government is not acting in the best interest of the people. Sen. Markley, heavily supported by grassroots activists says, "the movement has an overriding belief in fiscal responsibility, limited government, and personal and economic liberty."

Senator Markley has already been outspoken about his belief that a recent surcharge attached to everyone’s monthly electric bill is an unfair illegal tax grab and he has taken action in a court of law. "The case I filed against the Department of Public Utility Control was recently dismissed, but I have filed an appeal. The DPUC is not a taxing authority. My case was thrown out on a technicality and I believe the merits of the case should be discussed in a court of law," said Sen. Markley.

Sen. Markley has also been appointed Ranking Member on both the Children’s Committee, and Human Services Committee where he was chair during his first senate term back in the ’80’s. Senator Markley has also been assigned to Appropriations, Program Review & Investigations and Regulations Review committees. On the Appropriations Committee, Markley will help decide which programs get funded as well as address the states $7.25 billion projected budget deficit. Sen. Markley said, "I’m an old Yankee, hand me a budget and I will try to cut it. I want to hold the line on taxes and make necessary cuts in spending while preserving essential state services for those who need help from the state."

On the Program Review & Investigations Committee, Sen. Markley will be charged with trying to streamline government, including reviewing and making recommendations to the full legislature on the effectiveness of programs and policy. The Regulations Review Committee will center on deciding which regulations are necessary when a bill becomes law.

Senator Markley lives in his hometown of Southington. He earned a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from Amherst College, and a master’s degree in English from Columbia University.