Kane Speaks with Seniors at Heritage Village About Electricity Surcharge

January 27, 2011

On January 28th, State Senator Rob Kane spoke with hundreds of seniors at Heritage Village in Southbury about what has been called a “hidden tax” on their electric bills. 

More than 3000 residents at Heritage Village have signed a petition to ask the state legislature to repeal a new law that levies an extra $4 monthly charge on Connecticut Light & Power Co. bills for the next eight years.  That means a typical customer could spend close to $400 by the time the collection period is over. For those who use more electricity, the bill could be closer to $1,000.  The charge will hit Heritage Village residents especially hard because they heat their condominiums with electricity. The village is New England’s largest age-restricted community, with 2,580 units.  

Senator Kane and State Representative Arthur O’Neill told the audience that they are supportive of the petition drive.  The legislators will bring the Heritage Village petition to Hartford in order to raise awareness of the concerns about the “hidden tax”.