New Laws Effective January 1, 2011

December 15, 2010

New Laws Effective January 1, 2011On January 1st of 2011 a number of new laws will go into effect. It is important that citizens are aware of these laws as they impact our lives in many ways.

This year, the legislature passed 19 new laws going into full or partial effect on January 1st. I wanted to take the time to highlight a few of the new laws which may be of interest to you or your family. A complete list of new laws and other legislative information can be found by visiting or by calling my office at 800.842.1421.

PA 2010-153 An Act Requiring Motorcycle Training Prior to the Issuance of a Motorcycle Endorsement requires all applicants for a motorcycle license endorsement, rather than just those under age 18, to have completed a novice motorcycle training course. By law, the course must be conducted by the Department of Transportation (DOT) or an organization that has developed a curriculum approved by the DMV commissioner. Under the act, if DOT conducts the course, it must do so with federal funds, so as not to add to state expenses.

The act also eliminates the DMV commissioner’s authority to waive the on-road skills portion of license examination for an applicant who presents evidence of passing a motorcycle training course or has held a license or endorsement in other states requiring a similar test or course.

PA 2010-063 An Act Concerning Oral Chemotherapy Treatments requires insurance policies that cover both intravenously and orally administered anticancer medications to provide equal coverage for the orally administered medication as for the intravenously administered medication. It also prohibits insurers, HMOs, medical and hospital service corporations, and fraternal benefit societies from reclassifying anticancer medications or increasing the patient’s out-of-pocket costs for the medications as a way to comply.

PA 2010-103 An Act Concerning Farms, Food and Jobs allows for the preparation and sale of acidified foods on residential farms under certain conditions.

Existing law allows the sale of jams, jellies, or preserves on a residential farm if they were prepared with fruit grown on the farm and in a room on the farm that is used as living quarters. It exempts their preparation from any state or local agency inspection.

The existing law also requires each jam, jelly, or preserves container offered for sale on the farm to have on its label, in ten-point type: "Not prepared in a government inspected kitchen." The new act adds "acidified foods" to this exemption and labeling requirement, allowing famers to produce additional local goods.

The act defines "acidified food product" as a food item with a pH value of 4.6 or less upon completion of the recipe, and includes products such as pickles, salsa and hot sauce. The act redefines jam, jelly, and preserves to include products made with vegetables.

PA 2010-052 An Act Increasing Penalties for Violations of the No Sales Solicitations Calls Act adds a penalty of up to $11,000 for each violation of the law prohibiting solicitors from making unsolicited telephone calls to people who have registered on the state "Do Not Call" registry. Under the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act, this law prohibits businesses from engaging in unfair and deceptive acts or practices.

PA 2010-069 An Act Naming the State Military Training Facility Camp Niantic changes the name of Camp Rell, the state military training facility in Niantic, to Camp Niantic. Under prior practice, the facility has been named after the sitting governor.

Feedback from constituents plays an important role in developing effective legislation. As legislators, we rely on you to bring important matters to our attention. I encourage you to contact me with any questions, concerns or feedback you have regarding state government. Please feel free to call my office at 800.842.1421 or at [email protected].