An Open Letter to Lt. Governor Wyman

December 16, 2010

Lt. Governor-Elect Nancy Wyman
Office of the State Comptroller
State of Connecticut
55 Elm Street

Hartford, Connecticut 06106

Dear Lt. Governor- Elect Wyman,

I am writing to congratulate you on your recent election. Through your hard work on the campaign trail you have inspired respect and confidence in the people of Connecticut as they look to their leaders to help manage their current difficulties. In the years ahead Connecticut will face numerous financial challenges, and it is up to us as elected officials to work for the benefit of our people and meet those challenges head on.

Unfortunately our current economic crisis has exacerbated the flow of jobs and people from our state, further burdening state government and services, and making life more difficult for those who remain. Our standing in comparison to other states as a salutary environment for business has also fallen. I hope to work with you and my colleagues in the legislature to address these challenges, by promoting policies that will recreate a pro businesses environment that creates and retains jobs. We must ensure that Connecticut regains its former status as a desirable place to work and raise a family.

Once again, I congratulate you on your election as Lt. Governor. I look forward to working with you in the state senate and with our new governor for a revitalized Connecticut.


State Senator Toni Boucher
Toni Boucher
State Senator


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