An Open-Letter to Governor Dan Malloy

December 16, 2010

Governor-Elect Dannel Malloy
P.O. Box 110073
Stamford, CT 06911

Dear Governor-Elect Malloy,

Congratulations on the successful conclusion of a long and difficult campaign. Your election as governor of the state of Connecticut comes at a time of great economic challenge and uncertainty. The loss of jobs and people from our state due to the recession, dependence on Wall Street and unfavorable tax policies, not to mention underfunded pensions and borrowing against future revenues, has made efforts to restore Connecticut’s prosperity an uphill battle.

Nonetheless, this is a battle we desperately need to win to revitalize Connecticut. Currently, we face an economic crisis that has exacerbated the flow of jobs and people from our state, further burdening state government and services, and making life more difficult for those who remain. Our standing in comparison to other states as a salutary environment for business has also fallen. I hope to work with you and my colleagues in the legislature to arrest this decline, by promoting policies that will help us create and retain new jobs. In doing this we will ensure Connecticut’s continued success as a desirable place to work and raise a family.

The people of Connecticut have provided you with the rare opportunity to set a new tone and direction for this wonderful place we call home. As the mayor of Stamford, I am confident that you understand the issues Connecticut faces well and that your experience can help move the state forward.

Once again, I offer my congratulations on your election as governor and wish you a smooth transition. I look forward to working with you and your administration in the coming legislative session to ensure that Connecticut, once again, becomes an attractive place to work and live.


State Senator Toni Boucher
Toni Boucher
State Senator


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