Start of the Legislative Session is Right Around the Corner

November 20, 2010

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the opportunity to once again serve you in the Connecticut State Senate. It is a great honor to represent the wonderful people of the 35th District in the legislature and I will continue to do my best to uphold the trust you have placed in me. Thank you!

The start of the 2011 legislative session is right around the corner. In fact, January 5th marks the beginning of the new two-year term. It’s the day in which Connecticut will swear-in its new Governor, as well as all 187 members of the General Assembly.

Without any question, the upcoming session poses more challenges than we have ever experienced here in Connecticut. With the state facing a record budget deficit projected to be nearly $3.5 billion for the upcoming fiscal year we certainly have our work cut out for us. While getting the state’s fiscal house in order is the priority, the upcoming session will still allow us to focus on other initiatives as well.

In the past I have talked about the differences between the first and second year of each term. Considered to be the “long session,” the 2011 session will run through the June 8th. Why is this significant? Because unlike the second year of the term, (or the “short-session”) when bills can only originate from a specific committee and must be budget related, there no parameters as to what types of bills can be raised and who can raise them during the long session. This enables individual legislators to introduce bills on any subject.

A bill can be submitted by a legislator at the request of a constituent. Many of the best ideas for new laws do not originate with legislators, but rather come from the people we represent. That is why if you have suggestions for legislation it is important to let me know before the start of the session so I can get the bill drafted and sent to the appropriate committee.

In addition, I want to remind you that my office is here to help in a number of different ways. Whether you need help testifying, looking up or tracking particular legislation, or are in need of an Official State Citations to recognize an individual for a special event – such as a significant birthday or Eagle Scout award ceremony- please let me know and I can help facilitate your request.

I also encourage you to contact my office if you need help getting in contact with a particular state agency. Oftentimes people don’t know where to turn when they have specific questions about particular issue, I can help put you in the right direction to get your concerns answered.

You can do all this, as well as letting me know about an event or meeting you would like me to attend by contacting my office at 1-800-842-1421 or by email at [email protected].

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My office is always open. If you are visiting the State Capitol or Legislative Office Building, please stop in and say hello. Thank you again for giving me this great privilege to represent you in Hartford.