Enjoying The Great Outdoors In Connecticut

November 8, 2010

Hunting, fishing and trapping are enjoyed by many people in Connecticut, especially in our part of the state. In my experience, most of the sportsmen who participate in these outdoors activities are well-versed in the state laws and regulations that ensure public safety and the proper conservation of our wildlife and natural resources. However, it is always helpful to have a ready source of information near at hand, and a good place to look is the section of the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) website dedicated to hunting, fishing and trapping.

For example, those who are new to these activities, or new to the state, may not realize it is possible to purchase Connecticut hunting, fishing and trapping licenses online. However, anyone who wants to purchase hunting or trapping licenses must be able to verify that he or she has met the state’s education requirements, or has had a resident license in their specific sport in the last five years. Those who have completed the requirements may find that their eligibility for a license is included in the online database, in which case they can go ahead and purchase a license. If the necessary information is not listed in the online database, then sportsmen must bring proof of the their eligibility to a participating town clerk, sporting goods store or a DEP office in order to purchase their hunting or trapping license. A list of these locations is included on the website.

Those purchasing sportsmen licenses and permits for the first time online must register for Connecticut Conservation ID, a unique number that the sportsmen will use to purchase licenses and permits in the future. Sportsmen who purchase online print out their own licenses – and may re-print them if they become damaged or are lost. The on-line licensing system also provides information about obtaining fishing licenses, pheasant tags, and Connecticut Migratory Bird Conservation Stamps (CT Duck Stamps), and directs viewers where to go on the website to read about new regulations regarding the tagging and reporting of deer and turkey kills.

The section of the DEP website dedicated to hunters, trappers and fishing enthusiasts provides information on a wide variety of topics of interest to outdoors sportsmen. Visitors to the website will find schedules and enrollment information about the various Conservation Education/Firearms Safety courses administered by DEP and taught by certified volunteer instructors. Also, sportsmen can access the website to find the latest information regarding this year’s hunting seasons. For example, the site features links to the current Hunting & Trapping Guide; Migratory Bird Hunting Guide; Junior Hunter Training Days; Field Trial Dates; Pheasant Hunting; Deer Check Stations; Trap and Target Shooting; and Hunting Area Maps.

In addition, visitors to the site can learn how to participate in the state’s wild turkey brood survey, or report bear and moose sitings. Sportsmen can also link to sites featuring stories and news they may find interesting, learn about falconry and how to become involved in this sport, and check out other types of information about outdoors recreation in Connecticut.

Visit the DEP website at www.ct.gov/dep. Click on “outdoor recreation” on the main menu page, and then follow the link to the “hunting & trapping” tab.

As always, I urge constituents to contact me with their questions and concerns, or to discuss issues that are important to Connecticut. I can be reached at my legislative office in Hartford at 1-800-842-1421 or via e-mail to [email protected].