Senator Boucher Announces Opening Of Newly Renovated Wilton Train Station

October 27, 2010

Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) earlier this week joined Wilton First Selectman Bill Brennan, State Department of Transportation Commissioner Jeffrey A. Parker and Gail Lavielle, member of the Connecticut Public Transportation Commission, to celebrate the formal reopening and ribbon cutting of the newly renovated Wilton Train Station.

“There will be no more waiting in the cold for local Metro-North commuters! Frankly, the news for those who depend on mass transit has been getting steadily more positive over the past couple of years. This week, we’re reopening the Wilton train station after it has been closed for five years, earlier this year we made much needed improvements to the Cannondale Station and, in the very near future, we will be able to announce completion of the computerized signalization project on the Danbury branch line. All of this is good for commuters, and good for our state economy. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of the local municipal officials, including First Selectman Brennan, Governor Rell, state transportation officials and mass transit advocates, including Gail Lavielle, for their dedication and hard work,” said Senator Boucher, a ranking member of the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee.

Senator Boucher said that improvements to the newly re-opened Wilton Train Station include repairs to the building, plumbing, and complete renovation of the restrooms.

“Hopefully, we will soon have a tenant to sell coffee and offer other amenities to commuters at the Wilton Station, which just adds to the appeal of riding the trains. Governor Rell has been a terrific champion of our efforts to upgrade Connecticut’s mass transit system to meet the needs of commuters and, just as importantly, also to transform it into an engine of growth for the state’s economy. Ensuring that our mass transit system is as modern, convenient, efficient and useable as possible not only takes cars off the road, it attracts businesses to more locations which, in turn, fuels job growth. This is good for everyone,” said Senator Boucher.

Senator Boucher said that she expects completion of the ongoing project to replace manual signals along the Danbury branch line with modern remote-controlled computerized signals will be the next big improvement to the state’s mass transit system.

“The centralized control and signal project had been stalled, with its state and federal funding in jeopardy for over a decade. After numerous meetings and negotiations with the Governor’s office and the DOT Commissioner, I finally won approval to replace the system requiring a person to manually pull a lever in order for trains to pass each other with a centralized computer signal that will allow more trains to be added. This project, now underway, will be completed in 2012. It is one of the single most important upgrades to occur on the line in decades. Without a new signal system, other improvements on this line cannot take place. By persuading the DOT that commuters could not wait for a 10 year plan to be approved for this upgrade, commuters can now look forward to seven more trains in the morning and in the evening. Electrification of the line could become possible in the future, and would make the Danbury line compatible with the main line which could allow through trains to New York City,” said Senator Boucher.

Senator Boucher added: “It is my understanding that the computer signalization project is moving along nicely, and we are eagerly awaiting its completion. Replacing the outdated manual system will make it possible to add more trains, again making commuting more convenient for people who may now feel the need to drive. All of these projects represent an excellent use of our state and federal tax dollars. I am pleased to play a major role in advocating for the best possible mass transit system in Connecticut as one of the four leaders of the Transportation Committee, and look forward to the opportunity to help continue this important work.”