Taking Advantage Of Modern Technology To Deal With State Agencies

September 17, 2010

Modern technology is a beautiful thing – especially
when we can use it to make our hectic lives run a little
bit more smoothly. One convenience for Connecticut residents
is the ability to use a home computer to deal with some
state agencies.

The easiest way to see what you can accomplish on-line
is to visit www.ct.gov.
Find “online services”, and click on “more”
at the bottom of the panel. There, as promised on this
gateway web page, you will find a multitude of ways
to: “Ask. Apply. Register. Report. Reserve. Verify.
Look Up. File. Speak Up”.

This page contains useful links that allow residents
to, among other things, seek information from the Connecticut
State Library; find out about federal stimulus funds
given to Connecticut; look up certain types of court
cases; register for a variety of e-mail notifications;
access employment information; find out about various
types of benefits; enroll in a clean energy program;
make state campground reservations; and handle some
types of licensing.

I believe that every Connecticut citizen with access
to a computer will find at least one of the state’s
online services helpful, and I urge everyone to check
out the webpage. Meanwhile, I would like to take this
opportunity to highlight some of the specific services

  • Access the state’s Sex Offender Registry,
    and register for e-mail alerts.
  • File a new Unemployment Insurance claim.
  • Renew some types of motor vehicle registrations.
  • Explore options for commuting through Connecticut
    Commuter Services.
  • Take an online driver’s license practice
  • File returns, make payments, and update information
    through the online Taxpayer Service Center.
  • Search for rental housing at CTHousingSearch.org.
  • Open a CHET college savings account.
  • Apply to state colleges and universities.
  • Get on the telemarketing no-call list.
  • Check the state’s unclaimed property owners’
  • Report misuse of a state vehicle.
  • Find a flu vaccination location.
  • Find benefits through the state Department of Social
    Services Elderly Services Division.

These are just a few of the online services featured
on this gateway webpage. And, as state agency websites
continue to add online services, it makes sense to
check the webpage from time to time for updates. Meanwhile,
please do not hesitate to contact my legislative office
in Hartford if you need information, or assistance,
regarding state services and programs.

As always, I welcome the opportunity to discuss the
many issues important to our state, especially our
corner of Connecticut. I can be reached at my legislative
office in Hartford at 1-800-842-1421, or via e-mail
to [email protected].