Local Business Meeting Leads to Commitment from Federal Legislator

September 14, 2010

Earlier this month I joined Congressman Joe Courtney at a meeting with Control Module, Inc. executives to discuss opportunities for federal energy grants. Control Module Inc. (CMI), headquartered in Enfield, is a leader in electric vehicle supply equipment and holds over 94 worldwide and US patents. Just a few weeks ago, Control Module Inc. contacted me for assistance in setting up a meeting with Congressman Courtney to discuss emerging federal legislation and grant opportunities for electric vehicle infrastructure programs since they had been unable to do so on their own

The meeting was a great start, but there is certainly more work to be done. Control Module is on the cutting edge of technology and a company right here in Enfield has the opportunity to lead the way in a developing field. With the right state and federal support, Control Module will continue to grow and flourish. On the very same day of our meeting Governor Rell announced a goal of 25,000 electric vehicles on state roads by 2020.

The availability of electric vehicle charging stations is a critical component of this goal. Control Module’s a(CMI) electric vehicle charging stations eliminate the need for electric car buyers to spend up to $4000 in new electric service, and creates a more convenient way of electric car charging. The availability of these stations goes hand in hand with the Governor’s goal of getting more electric vehicles on the road and CMI is a leader in their filed.

Unfortunately, only two California companies who supply electric vehicle charging stations recently received $130 million in federal grants as part of an energy bill. While CMI was not able to acquire any of those funds, Congressman Courtney committed to work with them to seek further federal grant opportunities.

Congressman Courtney said Congress would be going back into session Sept. 14th and during our meeting he committed to co-sponsor legislation that creates a new source of energy funding.

I was very happy to play a lead role in spearheading the meeting and pleased that Congressman Courtney responded to my request. Control Module is a wonderful corporate citizen and I look forward to seeing them continue to succeed and grow in the future.