Senator Kane Welcomes Upcoming Legislative Forum Regarding State Policies For Removing Children From Their Homes

August 11, 2010

Senator Kane Called For Legislative Hearing In Response To Recent Torrington Case

Senator Rob Kane (R-32) said he looks forward to the opportunity to ask questions – and get answers – during the upcoming invitational legislative forum regarding state policies and procedures for removing children from their homes.

Senator Kane said he is gratified that co-chairs of the General Assembly’s Human Services Committee have positively responded to his request for a hearing in response to the state Department of Children & Families’ (DCF) recent handling of a Torrington child neglect case. Senator Kane is a ranking member, the leading Republican Senator, on the Human Services Committee.

“Media accounts of how DCF handled this particular case are disturbing. Legislators and the public need, and deserve, information beyond what has been reported, and it is our hope that the people we invite to speak at our forum will provide those answers,” said Senator Kane.

The Human Service’s Committee plans to hold the invitational forum on Wednesday, August 25th. Those who will be invited to appear before the committee include: DCF Commissioner Susan Hamilton, State Child Advocate Jeanne Milstein, West Hartford Police Chief James Strillacci, and members of the General Assembly’s Select Committee on Children.

“The people who work for DCF have one the most difficult, perhaps the most difficult, job of anyone who works for state government. But because their responsibility to protect children is so important, we need to know how they respond to situations like the Torrington case. As I said when I originally requested a public hearing, the legislative committee that has cognizance over DCF, the Human Services Committee, has to fully understand how the Torrington case was handled and, if necessary, propose legislation designed to ensure that the agency has the necessary authority and direction to quickly and appropriately respond in the future,” said Senator Kane.