Wartime Service Medals

July 6, 2010

Back in May I had the opportunity to host the Veterans’ Wartime Service Medal Ceremony at Danbury High School, where over four hundred veterans were recognized for their service.

We can never do enough to honor the service men and women who have given up so much defending our freedom. Tributes such as this one and special days of recognition, like Memorial Day and Veterans Day, only go so far in expressing our gratitude. Without these brave individuals, America would not be the country it is today.

Unfortunately, many veterans have not received proper recognition. In 2005, the state legislature created the Connecticut Veterans’ Wartime Service Medal to honor all Connecticut veterans who have served their country. Eligible veterans include members of the military who served in a time of war and were Connecticut residents at the time they were called to active duty, or resident of the state on the date of the award. Medals are also given posthumously for veteran who died on or after January 1, 2000

If you have not received a medal, but are eligible, all you need to do is contact the Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs at 860-616-3600 and request an application for the Connecticut Wartime Service Medal. You can also find more information and download the forms at www.ct.gov/ctva.

During the 2010 legislative session, we also passed several pieces of legislation that will directly affect veterans. PA 10-40 designates March 30th of each year as Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans’ Day to commemorate and honor Vietnam veterans’ return home and PA 10-105 provides a credit or an exemption towards the requirements of a professional license or certificate for members of the armed forces who received substantively similar training or schooling during their military service.

If you would like further information on either of these bills or obtaining the service medal, please do not hesitate to contact my office at: 860-240-0068. I can also be reached at [email protected].