Sen. Kissel Brings $1.1 million Home for Enfield

July 30, 2010

Joins Gov. Rell in announcing $1.1 million to reimburse the town of Enfield

State Senator John A. Kissel (R-Enfield) today joined Governor M. Jodi Rell in announcing $1.1 million in state bonding money for the town of Enfield which is expected to be released during the State Bond Commission’s August 11th meeting.

During the construction of fields at Enrico Fermi High School, the town spent $2.8 million to remediate contaminated soil. The state Department of Environmental Protection has already reimbursed the town $1.7 million and the remaining $1.1 million promised from the state has been on hold.

“With our state facing such a severe fiscal crisis, it became questionable whether the town would ever see the promised money,” said Sen. Kissel. “That was simply unacceptable. The town did not begin work on this project until they secured a promise from the state to reimburse the costs. Such a promise must be honored and I was happy to do my part over these past four years, and in the past few months in particular, to get them the money they rightly deserve.”

When the state began to cut back on their bonding commitments, the Enfield funds were cut from the list. Sen. Kissel contacted Governor Rell’s office, spoke with her in person on several occasions and was in constant communication with her office to see these funds restored.

During the press conference this afternoon, Governor Rell praised Sen. Kissel for his efforts. Mayor Scott Kaupin was also in attendance and thanked Sen. Kissel and Rep. Tallarita for their advocacy on behalf of the town of Enfield. He thanked Rep. Tallarita for “spearheading the initial process” four years ago and Sen. Kissel for “driving the project home.” He also indicated the money would be put into the town’s fund balance which had been severely depleted in order to pay the up front costs of the project.

“This was not an easy process,” added Sen. Kissel. “It began four years ago and today’s announcement is truly cause to celebrate. I feel like a million bucks, actually $1.1 million!”