Senator Rob Kane Lauds Bill Signing of River Falls Project

June 2, 2010

State Senator Rob Kane (R-Watertown) is praising Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s signing of a bill that is intended to give greater authority to the Town of Seymour in its ability to foster economic growth. HB 5495, An Act Establishing the River Falls Improvement District Within the Town of Seymour, will allow residents of the town to form an improvement district to help remediate abandoned properties along the Little River. Through the creation of the district, residents will be able to issue bonds to help finance the costs without any liability to the town.

“This area of town has great potential and this is the first step toward bringing in some much needed development,” said Sen. Kane. “New businesses will give this area serious consideration when this property is remediated and that will certainly be a welcome development for a community that has been hit hard over the years from businesses leaving.”

HB 5495 was passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate unanimously. The River Falls Improvement District encompasses the area where routes 67 and 313 meet. It is the former sites of the Housatonic Wire Company and Seymour Lumber & Supply. The property’s cleanup is estimated to cost $20 million to $25 million. Sen. Kane said that the location of the property, being in close proximity to Route 8 and Metro-North, make it an attractive place for people to visit and do business.

According to Senator Kane, bonds would be incrementally paid for by businesses and property owners within the parameters of the district. He said that an area near the two water falls along Little River would be turned into a park with business development to follow.

“You cannot beat the location. It’s a very easy place to get to and it offers so much,” said Sen. Kane. “Our focus during this year’s session was to create a climate where job creation can occur. This is an area that really has the ability to flourish. I am pleased that the Governor has signed this bill and I look forward to working with members of the Seymour community to make sure that everything that can be done is done to make this a local destination spot and business center.”