Senator Frantz Addresses Response to March Nor’ Easter Storm Damage

May 4, 2010

Hartford, CT – State Senator L. Scott Frantz (R-36) yesterday offered an amendment to a utility related bill to create greater accountability within public service companies.

“The March 13th and 14th nor’easter’s heavy rains and high winds created a mini perfect storm leaving hundreds of downed trees, broken utility polls, and tens of thousands of homes and businesses without power for six days or more,” said Sen. Frantz. “While the utility companies are to be commended for ultimately getting everyone’s power back up and running, there are things we can learn from the March storms to improve response times and communication between utility companies and homeowners. The intent of this amendment is to make certain public service and utility companies respond in a proper and timely fashion in emergency situations.”

The amendment requires the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) to establish procedures that each public service company must follow in order to efficiently restore utility service that has been interrupted as a result of storm damage. These procedures are to include criteria for handling and responding to customers’ inquiries and complaints arising from service outages.

“Customers with outages should have the same ease of access to information regarding power restoration as they have with tracking a Fed-Ex package. It is time for the DPUC to come up with a system that better informs customers about the status of their outage while also providing an efficient response.”