Senator Kissel Statement re: Judiciary Committee’s “Yes” Vote On Inmate FOI Bill

March 3, 2010

Hartford, CT- The Judiciary Committee today voted unanimously for SB 221, An Act Prohibiting the Disclosure of Employee Files to Inmates. Senator Kissel, who has been the leading force behind the bill, said he was pleased things were moving so quickly.

“We’re off to a great start,” said Senator Kissel. “Less than one month into session and this bill has already had a public hearing and been voted unanimously out of committee. I’ve been working to get everyone on the same page and we’re making tremendous headway. As we heard on Friday, our COs deserve the protection this bill offers and no one is more aware of that or working harder than me. Today was a huge victory and I’m very optimistic we will see this important proposal enacted into law before the end of session.”