Senator Kane Outraged by Proposed State Spending Increases

March 26, 2010

Hartford, CT – State Senator Rob Kane today announced his strong opposition to the Appropriations Committee’s midterm budget adjustments. Despite a projected $700 million deficit for FY 2011, the Democrats plan will increase spending by nearly $350 million.

“The Democrat budget completely ignores the will of Connecticut residents who, by an overwhelming majority, want the legislature to close our deficits by reducing government spending, not raising taxes,” said Senator Kane. “How can anyone who votes for this budget face the people of Connecticut at a time of declining incomes, record job losses, business closings, home foreclosures and a $700 million budget deficit, and tell them that their solution to the problem is to grow government, raise taxes and increase spending $350 million? It is completely the wrong direction.”

The proposal narrowly passed by a vote of 29-25, with all Republicans voting “no.”