Senator Fasano Urges Congresswoman DeLauro to Oppose the Slaughter Rule

March 22, 2010

The Slaughter Rule “demonstrates a complete failure of the type of transparent and responsible leadership we need in Washington”

Hartford, CT- State Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven) is calling on Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro to oppose health care reform in its current form and to stand up against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to circumvent calling a vote on the Senate passed bill. Despite not having enough votes, Congressional Democrats have devised a plan that could allow them to still pass the measure. The “Slaughter Rule” makes it possible for the House to simply vote on “fixes” to the Senate plan, while avoiding a vote on the entire bill.

In a letter sent today to Congresswoman DeLauro, Sen. Fasano called on her to stand up publically for transparent leadership:

“If you do truly believe in the bill, I hope you will stand before your colleagues in Congress and your constituents in Connecticut and publically cast your vote in favor of it. However, to vote only for the “fixes” and not the entire bill demonstrates a complete failure of the type of transparent and responsible leadership we need in Washington. As you know the “Slaughter Rule” is a ploy which will prevent you and your colleagues from standing up for what you believe.”

Sen. Fasano is also urging Congresswoman DeLauro to oppose the bill entirely:

“There are many reasons to oppose this bill,” said Sen. Fasano. “In its current form, it threatens to erode the quality of health care in America. We need to find a way to reduce the cost of health care, but without threatening the quality of care we already enjoy. This bill also makes an unprecedented and controversial move to use federal funds for abortions. Such a complete shift in federal policy is unacceptable and should only be considered in a separate debate. Of even greater concern are the cuts this bill will make to our Medicare program. Any cut, no matter how minimal, will negatively impact many of our constituents.”

In conclusion to his letter, Sen. Fasano said, “I urge you to demand that the bill be voted up or down on its merit and use the ‘Slaughter Rule’ as a method to hide Congress’ true intentions,”