Sen. Kissel: Legislation Reducing Sportsmen Fees Moves Forward

March 22, 2010

State Senator John A. Kissel (R-Enfield) is applauding the Environment Committee for passing legislation to reduce hunting and fishing license fees. SB 207, An Act Concerning Recent Increases in Hunting and Fishing Licenses and Amending Certain Motor Vehicle Fines, was favorably passed out of the Environment Committee Friday, March 19, and will likely need to pass through both the Transportation and Finance Committees prior to coming before the entire General Assembly for a vote.

Senator Kissel who is a co-sponsor of the legislation and testified in support of it before the Committee March 2, said he was happy to see the bill favorably recommended out of committee.

“The vote Friday was a huge first step in the right direction,” said. Sen. Kissel. “Unfortunately, this bill only reduces the fees by 20% rather than the entire amount they were increased. I am hopeful that as the bill continues to move forward it will grow to include a larger rescission of the increased fees.”