Senator Fasano Calls on House Speaker Chris Donovan for Bipartisan Involvement in Commission on Municipal Opportunities & Regional Efficiencies (MORE)

January 29, 2010

Hartford, CT – State Senator Len Fasano (R-North Haven) today called on House Speaker Chris Donovan to include legislative Republicans and Senate Democrats in the new blue ribbon Commission on Municipal Opportunities and Regional Efficiencies (MORE). Mr. Donovan unveiled the commission earlier this month explaining that commission members will be looking at ways to save money and create efficiency in local governments and will then recommend legislation during this year’s session that begins February 3rd. This new commission is comprised of only 45 Democratic members of the House of Representatives as well as representatives from municipalities, regional organizations and other groups, excluding legislative Republicans and Senate Democrats entirely.

“In these tough economic times I believe it is essential that we as a state look at all ways to save money and become more efficient,” said Senator Fasano. “However, in my mind it doesn’t take another study or commission to determine that we will work better together, regardless of political affiliation. This economic crisis belongs to everyone and it should be addressed by everyone.”

Senator Fasano also expressed concern that the mission statement of MORE is eerily familiar to that of the Commission on Enhancing Agency Outcomes (CEAO). The CEAO was established last year with the intent to “identify functional overlaps and other redundancies among state agencies and promote efficiency and accountability…with the goal of reducing costs to the state and enhancing the quality and accessibility of state services…” While the CEAO focuses primarily on state agencies and MORE is aimed at regional governments, Senator Fasano believes this process could be streamlined with the two groups working together as one.

“Over the past year we’ve heard plenty of political rhetoric promising more efficiency in Hartford but we are essentially studying what we are already studying. And people wonder why our state is in debt,” said Senator Fasano. “MORE is just more of the same – MORE bureaucratic red tape we don’t need. What we need is action and answers and not duplicative studies, commissions and delays.”

“To me, this commission is a glaring example of the same old politics as usual,” said Senator Fasano. “Over the past year it has been clear that the majority party doesn’t want help or suggestions – they only want to follow their own plan. So far, that plan has failed Connecticut. I look forward to working with my legislative colleagues on both sides of the aisle going forward and hope that this legislature can once and for all come to a solution to this crisis that finally puts Connecticut residents first.”