Sen. Boucher Joins Coalition Of Republican Senators In Urging Attorney General To Oppose Unfair Treatment Of Connecticut In Federal Healthcare Reform Bill

January 11, 2010

State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26) joined several other Republican State Senators in formally urging Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to be ready to fight for Connecticut taxpayers if pending federal healthcare reform legislation passes with special deals for other states.

“Governor M. Jodi Rell has already asked our Attorney General to look into a proposed provision of the federal healthcare bill that would allow Nebraska to receive approximately $100 million in Medicaid expense exemptions in exchange for a “yes” vote from their Democratic Senator Ben Nelson. Of course, this is wrong and may even be unconstitutional. We want to add our voice to hers. We want to protect Connecticut taxpayers from any requirement that they pick up the tab for special deals given to other states,” said Senator Boucher.

Senator Boucher noted that Governor Rell has said that Connecticut could receive more than $260 million annually in federal reimbursement if the same benefit being offered to Nebraska was given to our state. In her letter, Governor Rell asked Attorney General Blumenthal to pursue legal action to ensure that Connecticut also receives the 100% reimbursement rate for Medicaid expenses if federal healthcare reform legislation is passed with the special provision for Nebraska.

“The Connecticut residents I speak to are already worried about how the federal healthcare reform could negatively affect them. As if that were not cause enough for concern, we learn that votes could be traded to pass this federal bill in a way that would impose an unfair financial burden on some states in order to benefit others. That is appalling, and we must be ready to fight to protect the interests of Connecticut’s families and businesses,” said Senator Boucher.

Senator Boucher noted that Attorneys General from other states are already looking into the possibility of opposing the federal healthcare reform bill on constitutional grounds. She said that Connecticut should be prepared to do the same.

“Connecticut citizens deserve to know that their elected state officials are not just helplessly standing by while decisions are being made on a federal level that could seriously hurt them. We have rights, and we have to be prepared to fight to protect them. That is what we are urging the Attorney General to be ready to do,” said Senator Boucher.