Capitol Update on the State Budget

November 30, 2009

Last week, Governor Rell called the legislature back into special session to address the projected $466 million budget shortfall. That’s right – just about 2 months since the General Assembly passed a budget, the State of Connecticut is in debt once again. The legislature must go back to the drawing board to finally fix this crisis before it gets even more out of control. One of the ways I believe we can do this is to reduce the cost and size of state government.

Earlier this year I shared with you news of my appointment to a newly-formed commission – the Commission on Enhancing Agency Outcomes (CEAO). I was excited to be a part of the new commission which is tasked with redefining state government by examining certain overlaps and redundancies in an effort to eliminate wasteful spending and increase efficiency. However, the commission has not taken the aggressive approach to redefining state government that I had hoped for. In fact, today’s meeting of the CEAO was its first meeting since April. What’s more, the CEAO is charged with finding only $3 million in savings. At a time when the state’s non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis is projecting a combined deficit of more than $9 billion for 2012, 2013, 2014, I think we should do better than just $3 million in savings.

You work hard and you deserve to have your tax dollars spent in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.
I am determined to help the CEAO find creative ways for state government to save. Since being appointed to the commission I have suggested a number of specific cost-cutting measures and will continue to do so. But this is a time when the General Assembly needs to hear your ideas and opinions too. I invite you to join this process and encourage you to contact me with your ideas and suggestions on how state government can cut spending. I look forward to hearing from you.

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