Senator Frantz and Reps. Gibbons and Camillo Vote for Hamilton Ave. Construction Reimbursements

October 5, 2009

HARTFORD- Senator Frantz and Reps. Gibbons and Camillo, all of Greenwich voted in favor of a provision to authorize state grant commitments for school building projects.

The bill contained many school construction authorizations including the authorization in the amount of $6,242,000 for the rebuilding of the Hamilton Avenue School, which was completed last spring.

Rep. Camillo said, “The state has met its commitment to Greenwich for this project. The Greenwich delegation worked together and I am proud of the result.”

Rep. Gibbons said: “This school construction project was a long time in finishing. The bottom line is the teachers are teaching and the children are learning in their fabulous new school. We are grateful for the funding that the State has authorized for reimbursement as we will turn that funding around and use it towards the rebuilding of Glenville School.”

“This is funding the state had already committed to the Town of Greenwich and I am relieved it has been restored,” added Senator Frantz.

Rep. Floren was unable to attend the October 5th legislative session but was over-enjoyed with the passage of this provision. “We will now be able to fund new school projects with this state money.”